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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blue & White Polka Dots Shorts- My first time sewing shorts!

I decided I was going to attempt to make a pair of shorts. I had this cute pattern from McCalls M6328. Which, btw is out of print. I went for the ones with bows, view E.

I had some sort of polyester/rayon material blue and white polka dots that I thought would look cute as shorts with bows.

Now I have no pictures during or even cutting. I cut them in Mobile before I left but didn't have time to sew b/c of the move. I thought I lost the back pieces. Then I found them. Then I had issues understanding how to put in the zipper in-I did OK. Not my best. These shorts were hard to make and I had problems understanding the pattern for some reason. I was in stage 4 and very agitated for about 2 days. For the sake of my sewing sanitty and argument, I proved a point and sewed a dress in a fraction of the time (post coming next week). That's how pathetic I felt about making these shorts. I wound up cutting off 3 inches from the bottom of the shorts b/c the material was thin and my boyfriend (and I concurred) they looked like granny shorts. No idea why. I also opted to not do the bow.

Not my best sewing project but a decent start. They could be a lot worse! Here are the end pictures! It was so weird to see my legs! It has been so cold that I only wear pants. Well hello legs!!

I tried it with a tighter sweater since they are a bit big on me. I liked how it looked. 

And oooh a blue sweater! LOL!

I cut a 14 thinking they would fit just right and really I could have went smaller to a 12. Not bad, again first time with shorts and a front zipper. I still need some work with that! Must find some good youtube videos or something!


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amy mayen said...

Thanks for the review! I just had a fiasco with shorts. I'm looking for a nice pattern- maybe my second round will be better. I'm subscribing- I really like your blog!


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