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Monday, February 4, 2013

Cape For Kids Finished

To infinity and beyond! Yay my first charity sewing project is completed for Enchanted Makeovers!

How fabulous did the capes come out? More info as you scroll down the blog post...

Basically I fused the stars and lightning bolts to the backs of the capes, trying my hardest to center them. Then I machine stitched them down. I tried the zig zag but had issues. What I should have done is temporarily reinforced the back with temporary stabilizer. So they all got a straight stitch b/c I didn't want to scare the kids. 

See the ends would get stuck in the feed dogs.... nom nom it wanted to eat the fabric. 

Sew sew sew!

Added the velcro. That was fun! I killed 1 heavy duty needle sewing velcro on 44 pieces of fabric.

Attach 2 pieces together. Sew everything down but the top of the capes. 

Make a pile.... this is my iron, clip curves, and turn right side out pile

Get rid of excess fabric near seams

Done! Super Lauren to the rescue! I must admit it was fun to put them on and take pictures. I had to refrain from too much sillyness. Here are some of the color combos I made. And yes some barely fit around my neck and shoulders. :)

Actually this is my new favorite color combo I love the pinky/red with turquoise! 

Into the box they go and they are shipped to the main head quarters. 

Here's the run down... I used 44 yard of fabric. Yes you heard me 44 yard of fabric. Still barely put a dent in my stash. Yes seriously. I know sad right? The scraps will be used to make dolls for this charity also but I am going to put that on hold for a bit and focus on some other fabric projects (which will generate more scraps and thus more dolls! yay!). It was a total of 22 capes that went to charity, so 178 more items to go before I fulfill my New Years Resolution of reaching 200 sewn items for charity!!! Onward! I used 2 heavy duty needles for just the appliqueing. I additionally used another heavy duty needle for the velcro (so 3). I then also used up another regular needle with everything all together. Now I got a brand new needle on my machine for new projects! :) I mailed off this package this past Saturday and the box almost weighed 10 pounds! Crazy! But crazy awesome!


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link to the family international membership said...

hahaha its was so cute. I love it and Im sure the children will do.

Thanks fir sharing this.


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