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Monday, February 25, 2013

Iron Craft '13 #4- Red Carpet

Challenge #4 the red carpet.... Well let me just start off with my intentions were to finish a gown made out a light flannel for this project. It would have been a PJ gown which would have been fabulous. Unfortunately with all the projects going on (I have been working with chiffon) I just could not swing it. the pattern has been cut it just needs sewing. It will be this dress

So stay tuned I hope to work on this dress in the next week or two. And it's going to be soooo comfy!

Well back to the project, so this project was to make something you would wear on the red carpet or something inspired by a movie. I actually watched some of the Oscars last night and one thing that got me was the mani-cam! How much fun is this?

Man there were some great manicures! Well I thought I would try my hand at a fun Ruby Red Glitter nails! And that would be my project.

First I started off with 2 different nailpolishes and some red glitter.

First painted my nails with one red

Then the glittery nailpolish I painted in a diagonal across the nail. Sort of like a triangle

Then sprinkle on glitter. Reseal with the nail polish

So here are the end nails, walking down my "runway"

Well I tried. These look a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to dry. I don't know how some of these people who post with fancy manicures how they do it. I mean it took forever. I got sewing to do dang it! And well I won't be doing fancy nails any time soon since I stink at it. Also it is really hard to take pictures when you are by yourself!!! I have paint and glitter on my camera!!!!

Looking forward to the next iron craft!



Just Crafty Enough said...

I missed those fancy designs you showed at the top. All the ones I saw were pretty basic. I cannot do my nails unless I use a quick dry top coat, I just don't have the patience to wait the drying time.

SHow us the gown when you finish it.

Jinxy said...

I was really into the mani-cam myself and so glad you went with a mani!
They look very cute!


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