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Monday, February 18, 2013

Peacock feather stamped scarf

Well happy President's Day everyone! So excited to share this project. I am again giddy! I first started with a plain white silk scarf I got as a bonus gift after purchasing from Dharma trading. I had to do something with it, I dyed it aqua using RIT dye aqua. Love the color!


with dye

I decided it was too boring so I must do something with it. Then one day casually strolling in Hobby Lobby I saw that stamps were 50% off. Score! And then I saw this beautiful peacock feather. Had to have it! I decided I wanted to stamp my scarf with this stamp!! First I practiced on a thin piece of cotton to get used to stamping b/c frankly i have not stamped since I was like in grade school... I also used Tulip's soft fabric paint in brown. I also diluted this to not make it so thick and leave the fabric still flowy. 

Stamp!! I placed cardboard underneath to catch the water and paint. As you can see I had 1 plate with my mixed paint. One side is thicker than the other. I stamp on the right side (the thinner side) then I stamped on the other plate (located on the right) then I stamped the fabric. 

Close up, I had a few hang ups but overall it was looking good. I realized perfection was not going to happen. Now to do the other side. 

OOps! This is what happens when they don't match up. Feathers don't look good 

Here is after I was done. I filled in the rest of the scarf with smudges since I got 2 from my stamp. 

Let dry! And we are ready! 

Now I need to learn how to wear it but it looks fabulous on my red purse! :) Won't mistake my purse for anyone else's!

Hope you enjoyed this. Now I am obsessed with this stamp and would love to create my own fabric..... Oh wheels are turning!!!!



Lovely Light said...

That looks gorgeous!!

cucicucicoo said...

wow, love it! it looks great, and you can't even notice the imperfections if you're not looking for them! :) lisa


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