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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Turquoise beaded gold necklace

Alright another attempt at destashing my bling stash. Wow that's a lot of stash in one sentence. ;) I had this gold necklace that I never wore but was in part of the pack I received from the jewelry maker. Enter beautiful blue turquoise beads which were the wrong color for a bellydance costume but perfect for going with the gold of this necklace. I decided I wanted to weave the beads through the circles.

I simply started with some flexible wire. Using a crimp bead, I locked the beaded wire to the end of the necklace. One of the small loops. Then I wove the beads in and out of the rings. 

Repeat with the next few wires of beads. 

This was the end result. I love the 2 colors. 

Now the necklace was too short for my taste. Enter Lauren trying to make an extender for her necklace. So yeah I am winging it but it worked!

Jump ring, loop (that fits the bar on the opposite side of the necklace), and chain. 

I actually needed something else so I used one of those long pieces of wire with the loop at the end (forget name) and then looped it myself at the finished end. Note: I am not good with making loops with wire. 


Hey look it connects! Yes!!

I sort of liked this over exposed shot of me. 

Almost looks like a yearbook photo. LOL So I also kept it. 

Another +1 for my bling points. Yes! I have been on a sewing kick so expect now more sewing posts after this one. I go through phases of what I want to do in my spare time. :)


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