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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Look I started a knitting class!

Well I have had 2 classes! I know how to cast on and cast off! Here's what I completed after 1 class. Not bad for someone not good with yarn things!

I totally forgot but I actually have light up knitting needles in my craft storage. I got them for $0.99! They are like knitting light sabers.

Here's what I practiced during the week before my second class. Again not bad! 

I can almost make ear warmers out of them. But I learned how to cast off with this part. Now I have purchased more yarn and ready to knit more. I see a bright fuschia pink scarf in my future!!

Yay so one thing off my craft bucket list. I should have done this last year (s).



Penny-Rose said...

Well done!! Knitting is so much fun, you are going to love it.

Heather Wigen said...

How fun! I found a YouTube video of finger knitting and Liberty has been making scarves. I may look into a class for her and I to do together. I found my great-grandmother's knitting needles a few weeks ago.


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