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Friday, February 8, 2013

Gluten Free Review: Apple Ginger Protein Bars

I found these cake mixes at TJMax and they were on clearance. I bought them all! This sounded like a great breakfast snack while I am scurrying to catch the shuttle/train. But breakfast snacks are really hard being gluten free. Really hard. Especially when traveling.

The instructions are easy, you use applesauce and agave nectar to sweeten the mix. And keep it healthier than regular sugar.

Now the baking instructions are weird. You bake for several minutes with tin foil on top. Then you remove it and bake it for several minutes more. I have never done this before!

This was in my 2nd trial. The cake never seemed cooked all the way through and really stuck to the pan. I suspected that it was due to the glass pan versus a metal pan. So I went and got another square pan. 

Voila! I had a better cooked cake and it popped right out of the pan. Now it was delicious! BTW there were raisins in the mix too. :) Yummy!

Will definitely buy again! These were so tasty and also really healthy. So mostly all protein and kept me full in the morning during my commute to work.

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