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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black Blingy Necklace from wooden beads.

Well the before picture has disappeared. I blame the move. Seriously I do. I spray painted some wooden beads with black spray paint I had leftover. I just didn't like the color of wood. Now what to do with them??

I had these crystals I got on clearance and decided I wanted to glue them on to some of the big round ones. I used GS Hypo cement. Stuff is awesome!

I kept them on Q-tips b/c it was easy to manipulate the beads. They fit perfectly Let dry. 

Repeat with other colors. 

Now time to make a necklace. I cheated and found a ready made necklace so all I had to do was add my beads. Many I love easy! Then I used a kit I already had for the black jump rings and those long connector things... whatever they are called.

Hmm This one needs straightening. I messed up :(

Done! Wahoo. Yay for straightening pliers

Basically all I am doing is connecting each bead. 

Almost done! Connect via jump ring. 

Here is how it is before I put it on.

And here is me modeling it. The pictures do NOT do the crystals justice. 

Here's a cameo appearance with my cat Natasha.

Couldn't help BUT to add this funny picture of myself. 

Yay +1 bling point! Yeah. Moving on up to a smaller closet, one bead at a time!


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Agy said...

Ooh, the bling really brings the beads too life!


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