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Monday, December 16, 2013

Circle Bead Christmas Tree- Iron Craft Open

Here is what I wanted to do for the last iron craft challenge but I didn't know how to finish it. So I had made the peacock feather ornament. It dawned on me on how to finish it and since this iron craft challenge is open (or past) I decided this could qualify for the holidays and also UFO b/c it was totally unfinished until this past week.

First I had all of these circle metal beads that a long, long time ago I had purchased for a bellydance costume. I had a huge stash of them. I never used them b/c in order for these medallions to look nice on a bra of a costume they would need to bend- easier said than done. Instead they languished in my bead stash until I could figure out what to do with them. One night they were all on the floor and it hit me, I could turn it into a tree and use it for Christmas decor. So I pulled out my jump rings and started to connect them. One by one.

I used up my jump ring stash significantly. Which was great! Once I got the hang of this, connecting them together was easy. Now I was done with my tree but upon hanging the sides curled. Which I dont have a picture of, I had lost my camera and was only using my cell phone. This is where I got stumped. But then it hit me, I would put it on canvas and hang it up that way.

I found a canvas that was 60% off at Michaels that day plus an additional 25% off. Wahoo.

But I would like to cover it first, so I used a scrap piece of green velvet that was in my stash. It made the silver circles pop. First I cut a piece that was large enough to cover the canvas and then some. I added 2 pieces of fusible fleece and then a piece of interface to stiffen it up.

Ironing left marks so I went with it and gave the velvet an all around texture with iron marks

Now I am ready to attach my circles to the velvet. It was nice and thick so it could hold the weight of the metal. I laid out my tree, and tacked it down with silver thread. It was thicker thread, which I ran out of but then I used some white iridescent embroidery floss to finish up.

This actually didn't take long. I started at the bottom, went around the perimeter, then tacked inside the tree. I had put it on my ironing board and balanced with my leg that was crossed over each other while I sat. So I access on the top and bottom and could quickly sew up and down. After beading many dance costumes this was easy. Call it my stupid super human power.

Done! Now to attach to the canvas. I centered it and applied a layer of tacky glue and let the fabric/canvas dry over night. To help with the gluing, I actually turned everthing over so the tree was on the table and the canvas was on top, I placed books to help it get a solid hold. Sorry for no pics, I thought I took a picture of this!! But allowing it to dry upside down (face first) ensured that I didn't get a sagging or droopy canvas. Next I used my staple gun and finished the sides up.

Done! Tada!

Here is a close up to see the tacks I did.

I am super happy with the outcome and now those metal medallions have been used. Love my new Christmas decor! :)

Only 1 more Iron Craft left for the rest of the year! I am excited!


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Just Crafty Enough said...

It really does pop against the dark velvet.


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