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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rachel Brice Arms and Posture DVD review

Ah Rachel Brice!! EEk!! The girl who really changed the tribal fusion scene and some people argue create it. I actually first saw her when the Bellydance Superstars first began their tour. It was in a really small venue so I got to see it up close. Watching her dance live is magical. Seriously.

Her arms and posture DVD. First of all with sound and video. The quality is good. She is in front of a mirror so you can follow her, like in a traditional class. It is voiced over, which I always think is awkward and less personal.

There are 6 sections: Prep, Dance movement prep, shoulder sequence, examples, practical application, and end stretching. She gets a bonus for having a warm up and cool down. After doing so many DVDs, it is nice to have that. Beginning section there are a lot of squats and your thighs will burn. You actually don't use your lower body for a good portion of this DVD. Actually in the drilling part of the arms you sit on a chair and isolate arms and shoulder. There is lots of work with arms and shoulders, its both a massage and a workout at the same time. She explains those elusive sidewinders and breaks them down nicely. There is a small combo she builds up to, and has a good explanation of things combined with long drilling. Which is a plus. I really like when you can drill until you are fatigued. That is how you build strength as a dancer.

This is not any sort of cardio DVD but intense drilling. After this DVD I felt taller and felt like my upper body opened up and I could breathe better. Verdict is a Keeper. Not just because it is Rachel. But because arms are so many dancers weaknesses. In the bonus section there is an interview with her and miles copeland. She talks about what she has, how long it takes to get ready, etc. She also says she gets stage fright still. Which blows me away, because she is that awesome.


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