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Monday, December 9, 2013

Easy Peak Open Top, simplicity 1589

Trying out a new pattern. It is one of those easy "learn to sew" patterns from simplicity. I really thought this shirt was cute.

I had some scrap fabric that literally I was scrambling to make it work, but I did for both. The pattern didn't call for fusible interface so I decided to add it to the back. I might not do that next time. So I selected just cotton. Both are different thicknesses and you will see the difference in how it hangs. As you can see here I have little fabric left (just those silvers).

Here's the flower pattern. This would be cute with my bright blue pants.

Actually those pants would work with this version too! 

Easy top. Sewing it was ridiculously fast. Cute and fits well. I would like to try this with something thinner that would drape better. I think it would fall better. But I like the shape of it. I love the way it looks from the back!



Dee said...

How does it fit according to sizing? I typically wear a size 2-4 or small in tops but according to the pattern I would measure a 10-12. Which size should I purchase?

La La Lauren!!! said...

Dee I wear the same size. The 10-12 version is a is equivalent to a 2-4-6. The fit is great! I sewed a 10-12


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