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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Resolutions in Review

Every year as a tradition, I set resolutions or goals for myself. I usually blog about them and doing so some how compels me to complete them. This year is no different!

So here is a recap of 2013's resolutions. My responses are in RED that are a success!.

1. Do a 5k. 
Yup I signed up for one and then it got shut down for the big closing (you know what I am talking about). So I tried. But was unsuccessful.

2. Get rid of fabric- 1 suitcase.  
Now it was to 1 suitcase but that was impossible. So early on in the year I changed it to 1 suitcase. +1 point! I counted up my fabric points and got 285!!! Yeah!!

3. Sew 200 items for charity. 
Yes! +1. I actually I exceeded 200! 
22 capes, 167 bibs, 33 wash cloths, and 1 large terry cloth fabric donation for a grand total of 223!!!!

4. Get rid of 1 box of beads. 
Yup actually got rid of 1 big box and then also another tray of beads. +1 points: 80!

5. Do all of my instructional bellydance DVDs. 
I got halfway. so +0.5. still better than nothing!

6. Reduce craft kits to 3. There are 10 right now, so that means finish 7 of them. Here they are:
I got rid of 3, but didn't reduce. I decided to focus more on sewing and crafts as they take up a lot of space in my closet. These don't. So I sort of abandoned ship.

7. Get out of credit card debt. 
Nope but I am close!

8. Do 20 more refashions. 
Yup my goal was 20 and I actually did --- so +1! The grand total was 28! Tho next year we are going bigger!

9. Complete 24 sewing patterns.
Yup! I got it! I did --  patterns! so +1!  I completed 32!!!!! Holy Moly!

10. Restore my grandmother's linens. 
Yes finally I restored all of them. If you are interested in reading about this check out here, here, and here. so +1

11. Finish my t-shirt quilt from college. Really I have started the project, I need to sew it!!! 
Yeah, no that didn't happen. :( sigh! Why am I so intimidated??!!!!!! 

12. Draft 2 patterns from scratch. Yeah again this goal transferred over to this year. 
Yes I did 2! so +1

13. Finish the Bellydance costumes I started:
This did not happen. But I am also not dancing so there is no incentive. Actually I am trying to sell some of my costumes.

14. knit something. 
Well I got a scarf done! so +1! I wish I could have done something else but I am slow and still learning. 

So out of 14 possible points I have 8.5 points!! OMG yay!!! But really that is a 61% so slightly more than half. Which as always I will take. I think my biggest accomplishments was getting this fabric reduced and also giving to charity. I am so happy with that. Honestly everything else is just small details. I am truly happy my sewing skills have improved and that I got many things sewn and we are reducing what we have in the apartment. 

Happy 2013! May 2014 bring you even greater success! I know I am hoping on that! 


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