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Friday, December 6, 2013

My first shoe refashion

My first shoe refashion. I have some odd feet and finding shoes that I like and fit me is a challenge. I don't thrift shoes, that is my only no I won't do. I just don't want things to be worn out before I get them. I had these metallic flats which are fabulous to walk in and had plenty of use left in them. But I took a bit of a hit which made the metallic come off badly on one side. I was sad but they were ugly.
I decided to use Tulip Soft Fabric paint in black. And also black sparkly paint to cover on top. Really it was pretty easy. I just went up to the buckle. :)

Here they r done. Fixed until I wear them out walking.



Sonja Sheffield said...

Cool! I like that idea!

Kim Anderson said...

Now I can keep my favorite shoes going for much longer! Thanks for sharing this idea.

scrappychica said...

wow, this is a great idea! Can I ask what you mean when you add texture? Is that a product? would love to know, this might be a saver for kids shoes!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you everyone. @scrappychica when I mean by texture is when I added the glitter fabric paint I just sort of blobbed it on and didn't try to smooth this out. So we got texture which hid the peeling part of the shoe. Hope this helps!

Desarae said...

I've yet to attempt a shoe refashion myself, but it is on my list. This is a great, simple way to start out- just a coat of paint. I have a scuffed up pair of flats that could use some attention.


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