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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glue resist dyeing retry- pink tribal shirt

Remember that peacock feather glue resist I did a few weeks back? It sort of worked

Time to retry and also time to try another technique thanks to My Next Style. I received this wonderful pack of spray fabric paint to craft. I chose the Poppy Red.

Now I want to mix the Red with this plain o' tee shirt that is pink. Again just a smidge too big. And boring.

Next time to spray!

I actually needed 2 bottle total for one shirt. So I had to go and get another one. We are done being sprayed.
Up close

I let it dry for a solid day/day and a half. Then I washed it in hot water. Which also shrunk this shirt! Here is my finished top! Love it!

Definitely got a nice contrast! Love it. Just wish it was warmer to wear. It is freezing here!

1 comment:

Desarae said...

Very cute, I love the color contrast and the design you made! :)


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