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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Beaded Ornaments- great bead destash!

Well Merry Christmas everyone! Here is one of my big de-stashing of my beads project that I made for my Christmas tree. It was super easy and I used a TON of beads! That made both me and my boyfriend happy. LOL. Really this project is simply clear glass ornaments in 2 sizes, a hot glue gun, and beads, beads, beads!!

here are my pearls and silver variations

The blue ones are gorgeous!

These were a bit hit and miss. The pink/purple with the sisha mirrors reminds me of a microbe, but that is the scientist  in me. The all pink came out nice. The gold got messed up so it's a bit "ombre".
Can't win them all! But I now have some lovely new gems for my tree. they look wonderful!!

From our blog to yours! Merry Christmas!



Sonja Sheffield said...

Those turned out nice. Nice bling for the Christmas tree!

Desarae said...

These are great! So pretty, thanks for sharing.


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