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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tribal Halter Dress

Finally had some time to sew. I selected this Simplicity pattern, the short sleeveless version.

I had this awesome tribal fabric, though it was backwards I was setting it up to cut my pattern.

It was pretty easy to cut though my fabric was hard to work with and slightly off on its own right. Which sort of blew my mind And as soon as I was done cutting there goes my cat with the pattern paper. She loves the noise it makes.

What a character! OK back to sewing. It was a knit but b/c I had interface on the bodice, I had to add the zipper.

Then I made sure that my bottom of my dress was squared away.

I left the edges raw b/c it was pushing being too short for my taste. Since it is a knit I did not hem it. It will not fray. Here is my new, and really soft and comfy dress.

Love this dress. and I didn't do that bad of a job lining up the pattern, it is not perfect. But I am still learning. Prints are challenging. But happy with the outcome.



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