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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 42: Eddie Bauer Turtleneck Skirt

Again you wonder what some designers were thinking when they made things. Take this Eddie Bauer striped turtleneck. I love the colors, not so much an ill-fitting shirt. It is a nice quality knit but man it is ugly as a turtle neck!!

The knit I decided was too difficult to work with and opted for a non-top project. I decided to turn it into a skirt. My goal was to turn it into a multi-season skirt. Let's see how that works out for me.
First cut off sleeves.

I also cut off the neckline. yeah it was crooked... I fixed it later.

Next, it took me many tries to get the side to fit just right and curve my hips. Here are some pictures. And yes one side took many, many tries...

this side was better. I "learned"

I added an elastic waistband so it would stay up. Done!

I love this b/c right now I can wear it in the summer. But later I can pair it with some tights and warmer boots and sweater and wear it for the cold weather. The colors work for both. Can't show you all of the outfit since it's another refashion.

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blissfulsewing said...

I am a huge fan of anything that involves recycling, thanks!

cookiecrumbs said...

good work on the blogging challenge so far! I just moved interstate myself so i know what it's like to clean out the sewing room :-)
You are very creative & inspiring, keep up the good work!


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