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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pintastic! New sewing room toy!

I am trying to pimp my sewing room. I find that now that my time is much less at home I like the sewing gadgets that make my life easier. :) I found this at Joann Fabrics on clearance! It was $20 from $65

Yeah sometimes its a pain to grab pins and I thought this might be nice for them to just pop right out at me.  Here is what it looked like out of the box. Pretty basic. 

Uses 4 AA  batteries. Which I thought was a lot. It has just a small motor.

Basically the machine works as follows... you place your pins in the rotating bin and it turn and the pin heads will drop into the slot and line up. 

Seen here. 

Push the thing at the bottom and you have your pin ready. 

From my experience with this little gadget here are some of the cons:
- it does better with pins that are bigger and have a bigger head
- there is a threshold you have to reach for the pins to fall into the groove
- adding the pins to the tumbler portion can be annoying
- once the row fills up it is best to turn it off and use your pins. Sometimes they begin to pile up-especially with the smaller ones. 

I actually purchased bigger pins, since my pins are old and some are dullying, I treated myself when things were 50% off. Changing pins helped a lot!

Would I have purchased this item at full retail. heck no! Would I recommend it to others? That is a good question, b/c I don't think this truly helps me out. It is kind of a gimmick to me, which is why it was on clearance. It is kind of fun but sometimes I find it quicker to just put it into my pin cushion. I move way faster.


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Colette Thompson said...

I get suckered into clearance items at Joann's too - You should definitely treat yourself, especially at 50% off!


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