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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Hat

Making more baby shower gifts for liz (and attacking my fabric stash as I go!) and I decided to make a hat using one of free patterns that were featured on Grosgrain Fabulous. This was from Day 12 of Grosgrain Fabulous from Prudent Baby. I decided to give it a whirl.

Wow first all I am so not used to sewing small pieces for babies! I opted for this pretty pink, orange, and green flower fabric that was just too cute for a baby girl! I also made a baby outift with this fabric so I thought I would make a hat to match! I made it through this pattern very easily. Things were well written and easy to understand. I used this pink linen material for the hat brim lining since it is stiffer that the knit and would support the brim.

Here is my finished product. I put it on my teddy bear to model it since I don't have any kids and I was not going to put it on my cats. I made a vintage baby pattern with this fabric which will be up soon!

the instructions are very easy to follow and it was very quick to make this hat! Like! I will save this pattern for future use ;)


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