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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage Baby Outfit

Next, I tried my hand at a vintage McCall's baby pattern that was given to me by my worker. It looked relatively easy.

I will say patterns have come a long way from the '70s-'80s. I had no idea where to put the back part of the top. Everything else was marked except for that item. I just kind of guessed. No idea if it will work or not. LOL! Also what was funny is the pattern came in 1 size- you had to purchase the medium or large versions (but same instructions) which I found interesting.

End product.

Hope Liz likes it! :)



Crystal said...

I love old vintage outfits like this. Adorable. Great job!

Stopping by from Hope Studios.

Just Jaime said...

Cute! Love vintage patterns. The drawings are so fun!


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