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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ruffle Baby Bib

Alright more gifts for Liz's baby shower. I am so happy it is over so I can post what I did! I did not want her to find out. I wanted to let my girly side out and make a bib with ruffles. I was also getting lazy b/c I was making so many gifts, I did not want to make my own ruffles. Here's to already made ruffles!

I started with a plain white bib I made and began to just start adding the ruffles. I let it go over the actual bib and would trim it down later. Just in case I make a mistake.

I added row by row and pinned it down then went straight to the sewing machine and poof done.

Now I wanted to add something else to it b/c it looked unfinished. I had some eyelet and added that to the top.

I still needed to finish the sides. I just simply cut it off. :)

Still, after being done I thought something was missing. A little pink bow to break up the white. Ahh Finally, I felt it was completed. :)

I have 1 more post of what I made for Liz. Then, that is it!!!



Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Wow, that is beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial! Very nice job, I bet your friend loved it.

Anonymous said...

That is the prettiest baby bib I have ever seen. I certainly hope she doesn't spill any food on it. I would put that on my baby stricly for show. Great work!


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