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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fabric Points Tally July!

Wow where has the time gone? It is the middle of July. I have realized that I have not kept up with my fabric points as I should have. Now not all of the projects have been posted yet on my blog but they have been completed, I just need like 1 picture to finish and I can't always keep up. :)

+1 denim in patriotic refashion
+1 raspberry in my black ruffle top to dress refashion
+1 for romper (not posted yet)
+2 vintage baby outift
+2 bali bliss
+4 2 purple/yellow baby bibs
+4 cupcake bibs
+2 white ruffle bib
+2 pink flowers bib
+1 baby hat
+1 watermelon bib
+1 yo yo tank (black bubbly and sparkly)
= + 22 points! yeah!

My last count was 54 so add 22 to that and we have 76!

Wow I am getting closer to 100! I will totally meet my goal I believe by the end of the year!

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