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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Iron Craft #28

For Iron Craft Challenge #28, Recycle, Reuse. We had to use something we would normally throw away and turn it into something useful. Now I would be cheating if I used some old garment and refashion it into a new item so I decided to think outside the box. This weekend we cracked open a bottle of red wine. But instead of throwing it away (no recycling at our apt and I have yet to set up a recycling bins outside on our porch) this would be mine inspiration.

First I removed all the labels. I did this with some water and a razor. I actually managed to not hurt myself!

Next, I had to decide what I should do to embellish it.... I have so much stuff, ooh look cheap rhinestones from ebay! Let's bling a wine bottle.

Next I need to turn it into something, I had these wine bottle oil latern my mom and I found one day shopping. I got them but never used them until now....

Simply poured the oil into the bottle. Add the cap and wick. Let sit for a few hours to let the oil soak. Poof We have wine bottle candle. :)

I have not lit it yet, but the glue I used (I had attempted to use E6000 but that did not work, I used another E glue ate up the backs of the rhinestones but well it does not bother me) I wanted to make sure it was dry before I put a flame to it!! Can't wait tho!


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