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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Iron Craft #33- UFO (un finished object)

Iron craft challenge this week was UFO or Un-finished object. Where do I begin with unfinished projects? I would say the hardest thing about this project was not finishing one of my projects. It was picking which one I should finish!

After much thinking I opted to finish this felt project that I was going to give as a christmas present. I purchased it from Hobby Lobby last year, it was normally $40 but I got it for a really really good price (it was like 90% off!).

I hit the wall after I started the penquins. I opted for glue and fabric paint. The sewing/embroidery I don't really do well.

I have been working on this project non-stop and feeling like I was going no where. OMG I got no other crafts or sewing or refashions done this weekend. I was solely doing only this felt project. Here is the end product.

I sort of edited it. I did not like the dangling snowflakes. It would have never made it with my cats. I also attached more of the letters together and used hot glue. The directions called for only a "few stitches" to attach the penquins and letters together. Yeah that would not have worked. The hot glue reinforced it. I also wished Bucilla would have had 2 penquins on each side instead of 3 and 1. And I am glad there are no snowflakes-less is more!

So glad this project is finished and over! I need a break from felt projects (though I have 4 more kits- 2 antique cars with Santa and 2 snowmen christmas card holder). I need to like sew something or refashion something. This took a lot of time!



kat said...

Lol, I bet it's a relief to have it done though

waggonswest said...

Very clever to use glue and fabric paint. It turned out very cute.


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