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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Just wanted to take a moment of cuteness. While editing my photos I took, I usually take pictures in a big batch and then edit, etc. While changing outfits, I realized my cat Sebastian had jumped up on the chair and was just looking way too cute. So I snapped the photo.
He is definitely my little guy.  Poor guy is getting old, we almost lost him last August. We discovered his heart is enlarged, why I don't know. I nursed him back to health and on a dose of diuretics he is still with us. We are shocked and amazed that he is still here with us. He actually loves people and one of the most friendly cats you will ever meet. Actually he acts a lot like a dog, he begs for food A LOT. We are trying to break him of this. But he runs around like a nut and chases our little one who is almost 3! You would never think he was sick!

Sorry I could not help it, this was suck a great pic I could not NOT put it on the blog. :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


Lisa @ OneRedShoeBlog said...

Awww... heart melting!

Lovely Light said...

He's a cutie! I got a bad diagnosis of my big girl last October, and we are so happy she's still with us. She's a ticking time bomb with tumors that could rupture at any time- but until then, she's perfectly fine! So glad she'll be here to meet my little girl due in one week!


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