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Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Sew Bad Shirt Fix...

One sentence... Wear Backwards!I got this shirt this past Christmas when tulle.com was having a huge sale. I must say I am a bit disappointed as to some of the clothes. Take this shirt for example. The right sleeve was oddly smaller than the other one and it turned on my arm. Which then offset the neckline and made it look weird.

I just found myself messing with the arm all day. Now I had every intention of pulling off the sleeves and making it a sleeveless shirt. But then I accidentally put it on backwards and the sleeve no longer felt weird. And it didn't work too bad! Easy!

it looks weird out tho- I will admit that

Easy fix. More refashions slowly trickling in, like I said I was on a sewing binge! Yay!


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