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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

White pearl sweater refashion

Lo... before I cute sweater but it had some weird holes on the top of it.

Actually the previous owner didn't like it either and when I turned it inside out there was a safety pin closing the bottom portion up.

If I took it out it was a bad attempt at key holes. I decided to close it up and get rid of the big beads. 

I pinned the parts together after I removed the pearl buttons. 

Here it is done. But.... it looks a little off and I decided I missed some pearls. 

So I started to add them back using the existing pattern in the knit. 


I love my new sweater now! It looks much more cohesive. 

I didn't really loose much sewing the parts together. Yay now I have a new sweater. I am counting down the day to spring warmness.....


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