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Monday, March 11, 2013

Iron craft '13 #5- Green

The next iron craft challenge was Green. This has a few definitions- green as in the color in celebrating St. Patty's Day or also green as in repurposing an item that you might toss. I found something that would work for both!! OMG I found the motherload!!!!
I found this oversized sweater all ready for St. Patty's day!! Oh yeah! But first I though I should get rid of the sleeves.

Next I had to finish the armhole seam. I sewed  a zig zag stitch adjacent to the seam. I then cut off the excess right close to the stitches.

Then I sewed via hand this under to finish the armholes

Lastly I needed to slim it down. I put it on backwards and physically pinned the silhouette I need to match my shape. At least that is one thing I have learned now- how to not poke myself with pins and how to sew a nice curve along those pins.

I repeated the zig zag stitch near the seams, then cut off the excess.


It will work for St. Patty's Day! It is still cool out so I am still cold and freeze. I will have to find some green GLUTEN free beer. LOL. But it is green for St. Patty's day and it was a discarded sweater that I turned into something I could wear. :) yay!

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kat said...

Much better & much cuter!


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