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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dirty Iron

Wow after all that chiffon sewing and starching and ironing, my iron looked rough....

I mean rough. And I have also had some interfacing issues..... LOL I mean my ironing cover looks rough. I had some iron-off iron cleaner I thought I would give it a try. 

I followed the instructions and added a strip of the items to a washcloth. I then applied the iron and moved the iron in a circular motion.

Um it began to clean it up but I had to repeat, repeat, repeat! and BTW YOU NEED TO BE IN A SPACE WITH A GOOD VENTILATION. I went into my bathroom (as you can see in the background) and turned on the fan vent. And wow smoke was everywhere!

Kept going and used some q-tips to clean out the vent holes. 

Done Wow and clean!

Don't wait like I did to clean your iron like I did. Good ventilated area and some old wash cloths (I have so many of them). Let's see how long that lasts!!!


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