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Monday, March 18, 2013

Red flower chiffon top

Here is my 3rd project sewing with chiffon. This one was a bit challenging b/c it was a blouse. Much harder than the skirts b/c there was more working of the fabric and handling. I used the heck out of my serger again!

My cousin Kathy from Wisconsin sent me some fabric she had her friend gave her from India. I immediately fell in love with it. The flower pattern was different than anything I have ever seen and opted to use this fabric to make a top. I used this pattern from McCalls. From reading reviews online I heard that this pattern is super big so I cut the smallest size possible. I am happy I did. It is M6437 by the way.

Here's during one part with gathering and sewing. Wow crazy time sewing. Sometimes it was better for me to sew fast b/c less mistakes and moving for some reason.

Now I had to do the neckline. I did not tack down the chiffon lining from the yoke. I put it on Vera my dressform. Which I have not adjusted the form yet since I moved yet.  

Here are some buttons I found in 3/8 inch. Man I had to do some searching at Joann Fabrics to find red ones. 

I practiced first on a mistake I made while making the yoke I had to recut it a few times. And Yay the buttonhole was the correct size!

I marked where I wanted the button to go so I would know where to put it. 

Here is my button hole! BTW I love my button hole attachment on my sewing machine it is sooooo ridiculously easy!


I cut some off the bottom since I sewed the view D and it was too long. 


I paired it of course with a white tank top underneath and this fabulous blue shirt!

Realistically I would wear it tucked in to my higher waste skirt. 

Not bad huh? Especially for my first time making a chiffon top!

Back doesn't look too shabby either! Yay! Hope you have been enjoying my chiffon projects. And the sewing continues!


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