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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pink Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

I started this project one day after seeing some pins on pinterest. It looked easy enough! So I grabbed pink ribbon that I have excess of with pink pearls, thread and of course thread heaven. I love that stuff!

Basically I knotted the ribbon and thread (not together). I inserted the needle through the knot to hide the knot of the thread. Add a bead. Then I went through the ribbon. Add a bead. Then I wrapped and went through the ribbon going the opposite direction. Repeat Repeat Repeat. I made 3 ribbons of beads at 3 different lengths. I had just enough.

Now to combine them... I used these rings from a necklace I never wore and I think was part of the beader's stash I purchased. I cut between the big circles. I will save the oval ones for later.

I started with the short string and tied a knot on the ring. Repeat other side. Then add the rest of the bead strings.

I burned the ribbon to prevent it from fraying

But then added glue too. Too afraid. yes I made another version... stay tuned!

Then I grabbed some jump rings and chain.

I wanted the necklace to sit sort of low, so I used long chain. 2 jump rings per chain on each side with a lobster claw. Yay.


I love the pink! Yay.


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