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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chiffon Maxi Skirt #1

Here is my first attempt at sewing chiffon! I decided to make a simple long maxi skirt. I have been seeing a lot of cute maxi chiffon skirts. And I have a lot of chiffon. I thought this would be a forgiving project while I learn how to handle chiffon.

I used this simplicity pattern minus the slit. I didn't want a slit. I cut a size 12 and it fit just right. Warning there is no, I mean no lining. So I had to come up with something, more to come.

I spray starched the chiffon and this helped a lot. It made it stiffer but the more you handled the chiffon the more floppy again. I used all the weight I could to keep the chiffon from shifting while I cut it. Because it will happen. That is the joy of sewing with chiffon. Something that will help you is a new blade on your rotary cutter. 

Here some pictures while sewing.

As you can see I serged everything. Or else there would have been thread everywhere. The pattern did not address this at all. Now to make a lining. I had enough of fabric to make another layer. I just cut a big square the size of the fabric width. About the same length of the skirt. I sewed it together and added an elastic band to make a waist. I did a quick invisible zipper on the outer layer. 

To hem the bottom I did a rolled hem but I had to adjust the ratio for the differential feed. Instead of 1, I did a 0.75 which then made the hem straight and not wavy as seen in the picture below. 

Here is my skirt. I moderately like it. I feel the underskirt is too bulky and adds just a smidge of extra width to my hips. And it is still too sheery for my taste so I added a slip. I may just wear the slip only with the skirt for the future now thinking of it. 

But I do like the way the skirt is- length is good. I like the upper band so again it doesn't add much thickness to my hips. I am going to try again with some more chiffon and add a lining! Stay tuned, coming soon!


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Lovely Light said...

Sounds complicated! Well done.


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