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Monday, March 4, 2013

The flounce dress, Simplicity 1872

I also call it my purple brick dress because the material looked like purple bricks to me. I had read that the pattern is big so I cut a 10. And even at the end, it was big. But I think if I would have cut an 8 I may not have been able to get it over my shoulders. I sewed View B, the sleeves version of the dress.

This dress was really easy to understand and sew. I cranked it out in no time. I did use my serger to finish the flounces. But even with the belt it was too big. I then sewed in some elastic to pull the dress in.

Here's my end dress! See I can sew! Take that shorts! ;p

Realistically the belt is worthless and looks like it is missing something so I added a belt. I actually went through a variety of colors, the tan looked the best in my opinion. 

This dress is fun and was super easy to sew. Even easier b/c I had a serger. It was a bit low in the front so I had to wear something underneath just b/c I don't feel comfortable at certain occasions. I would probably make it again maybe with the sleeves option. I would love to do this in a fun bright color b/c that is more of my style. I just had this fabric in my stash and I wanted to practice using it. Yay I have been on a sewing bing so more sewing is coming your way!


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Lovely Light said...

I think you did a wonderful job! I like the belt you added.


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