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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sewing books.... ahhhh yes!

This Christmas I got several gift cards that I decided I would treat myself to some sewing books. I am so excited. Several of them are Japanese which really begin to work on concepts and how to execute them.

So first I got the Pattern Magic Books by Tomoko Nakamichi! They are a bit of Avant Garde but the concept is still there. This is what I want to learn. I found these books fascinating b/c it is not like the rest of the sewing books out there. These are beyond basic. I love them.

Pattern Magic 1

Pattern Magic 2

And Pattern Magic-Stretch Fabric

The next ones are by another Japanese writer. Drape Drape! These books are all about drape and the different patterns with drape. These may be a little more wearable as compared with the Pattern Magic Books.
So I got Drape Drape 1
And also drape drape 2
Drape drape 3 releases at the end of March I am drooling over it. It is on my list and I am patiently waiting for it!!

Now I am purchased a few Refashioning books. One day I would love to have my own, but until them I love to be inspired by others..
Custom Couture is by a French writer that I actually stumbled on- actually in a store and not online. It is her take on things you can do to update your clothing in your wardrobe.

The second refashion book is Thrifty Style. Which upon first glance some of these projects are not projects I could rock but I thought I would give it a read and a review. It was over 50% off!

These books also recently join a used book Little Green Dresses

With all the reading and writing I do at work it is really nice to come home to books with pictures. LOL I know that just sounds bad. But it is the honest truth!

So why am I posting these books? Well my goal over the remainder of the year is to try a few projects out of these books and post them online and give my honest review of these books. With that said, the first book I am tackling is.... Custom Couture.
I am currently working on this book right now as I write. I do have several projects in progress and I hope to have them done in Mid April so stay tuned!! :) Yay!


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