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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Muse dress pattern from Butterick (FAIL)

Last year I started to sew this pattern with some fun stretchy polyester I had. But it literally was such a challenge to sew...
Oy the sleeves

I totally picked the wrong fabric. This year I tried to finish it but the sleeves did not even remotely fit the armholes, everything was askew. 

Here is the fail... I stopped after this b/c I tried to "fix" but cutting the top of the sleeves down. Which then ruined my sleeves. Lesson learned. This was the wrong fabric to use. There is no easing polyester that is thick. 

I know I normally post- look what I did sort of posts on Saturday but right now I am out on travel. There may be minor interruptions in the blog. My apologies. Will be back shortly! 


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