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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paintbrush skirt, refashion #21

I found this super cute skirt with all these fun colors for spring. Unfortunately its not spring yet here. Too long and too big in the waist.

I took a little bit off the bottom. I serged it and waited to fix the waistband before I made my final hem. I didn't want to mess with the zipper, so I unpicked the stitches at the waistband located on the opposite side. I got the waistband readjusted (sorry no pics! it took some time and I was in the zone). You can see in the bottom picture that the pin represents how much I needed to pinch off for the waist. I then sewed down, see the arrow, taking in more of the fabric on the side. This will now make the skirt a little bit less of an A. Once the waistband was fixed, I made my hem. Done! No hardware was touched in this refashion!

Tada! This skirt is so much fun!

My grey with pink toe shoes were prefect for this skirt!!




Donna at the Scarlet Petticoat said...

hi lauren,
i love seeing your posts pop up in my email! i am really impressed with this skirt refashion. Side zippers always pose a problem when altering a garment. i love how you conquered it and the skirt looks darling on you!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you so much Donna! I appreciate the comment! I too am happy I was able to conquer this garment. :)

Lovely Light said...

Nicely done!


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