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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 85:Team Unizoomi Milli Pinafore Dress

I recently made a dress for my fellow sorority sister Alicia. Her daughter wanted to be Milli from Team Unizoomi for Halloween and there are not that many options for Halloween costumes for her. So she commissioned me to construct a dress for her. Just a simple plain pink pinafore dress.

First of all I am old and I have no children. I had no idea who Milli was first of all. She is a character on a Nick where they do Math problems and stuff. Yes I had to Wikepedia it.

We decided for no flowers just a simple pink fabric dress. We selected the Penny Anne Pinafore Dress Pattern. 

Now on to my review of the pattern.  There are 2 main pieaces plus an interface piece for each piece. I lined my interface with the pink piece of fabric just because no person (including children) want interface touching their skin. Cotton is much nicer! The directions were semi-easy to follow if you are a SEASONED sewer and pattern reader. At times I was slightly confused and wish it just wasn't pictures but had some sort of arrows or something to help the reader out. Additionally, there was no mention on clipping the corners or clipping the curves to allow for ease of the fabric. Because I have sewn for a while (though I don't consider myself seasoned but maybe I am!) I knew to do this to make the dress look nicer. Otherwise should I have to make another one, I could make it faster. It just took awhile to read and understand what she was trying to convey in her directions.

Here is the end dress!\

Super cute! Will post when I get pictures from Halloween! For more of my 90 days click here.


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