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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Burda class on refashioning!

Now I don't normally post, posts like this-I am usually a "look at what I made and how I may have messed it up but then tried to fix it" sort of blogger. But then I realized this might be something some of the readers may want to try this class out.

So remember Beth from Renegrade Seamstress? She hosted Refashion Runway #2, which I was one of the contestants. Also I know Beth as she is a contributor to another blog I am an editor and a contributor on Refashion Co-Op.
Um yeah got a call from Burda, I know we are all Jelly about this! They are having her host a live webinar about refashioning and drawing inspiration. How cool is that?

The seminar is TOMORROW, Monday March 31 at 11:00 am EST. Now for all you who have jobs you might have to wing this. Unfortunately I can't at mine.

For more information, about Beth and how she got the phone call from Burda click here.
To go and find out more information about the Burda seminar and sign up, click here.


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