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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Springy Blue Dress Refashion, #23

I'm still dreaming of spring over here. Plus I found a sweet flowered dress. Dresses are probably my favorite item to refashion. I also love wearing dresses to work b/c it is only 1 thing I have to be put on and not have to think what will go with what. Boom, dress on, ready for work!
This dress not work ready at all... It came complete with shoulder pads, bad sleeves, odd length. But what it did have in my advantage was the middle section was shirred with elastic! No waist fitting needed for this dress. Oh yeah that made me really happy. P.S.-I love this color blue.

First remove hideous shoulder pads (which are beginning to pile up over here, too bad we have no space or else I'd make a crash pit of shoulder pads, OMG that would be soo much fun!). Ok I digressed.... Now in my fingers, in the second picture, I am holding this flap I didn't noticed until I removed the sleeves. It is sort of a fold that hid the shoulder seams. Now rather fight this dress (and probably loose) trying to undo the fold and recreate shoulder seams, I decided to use the quirkiness of the dress and keep them. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow with each dress's personality, which I why I love refashioning dresses. Cut off the bottom, serge, hem. Finish the arm holes with bias tape. Man I love bias tape.

Done. Yeah I totally took a bunch of pictures with my glasses on as you can probably see. I was too lazy to put in my contacts and I only had a short time of light left... hey at least I took off my white sweater hat. ;)

Uber cute dress. Love that I didn't have to fudge with the waist!

Here's the recap. Much love now for this blue dress.

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