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Monday, March 24, 2014

Iron craft- yarn heart pom-poms

This iron craft challenge was string theory. Make something with strings. After pondering what I could do, I decided that this would be time to try out my Pom-pom makers that I got on clearance from Clover.

First time through, it was a hot mess. Second time worked out better, I watched a youtube video of how to use this thing. The key to success with this pom pom maker is NOT using the same yarn to tie across. You need a really strong thread- I used a thread that I had that was some sort of crochet thread (it is the gold thread).
Not bad after some trimming. I mad 2: a large and the small version. The small version was much more difficult to make a heart.
Let me tell you it was a win with the cat. They disappeared and all I heard was chaos. Easy cat toy. Yay


1 comment:

kat said...

Yea, it seems with any way you make pom poms the trick is to get that center tie really, really tight. I can see the small would be hard to shape because you have less length to cut in.


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