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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sewing plans... March

Now I know that in February I set the bar high and said I wanted to do 3 sewing projects.

I was really only successful with 1 project being completed.. the snowflake dress

Then it was also this beautiful paisley skirt I found that I was combining with blue fabric from the stash to make a butterick dress. OMG this dress has taken forever. I am almost done. My problem is the straps are causing odd fit issues in the chest. At least that is what I think it is ... It was such a challenge to sew. I got cranky. I wanted to cry. This pattern has elicited many emotions from me. I will never sew it again. But I will say this ... this dress looks absolutely gorgeous!!! Just got to get it to fit. But lining is done and in. Then a hem and I am done!

Lastly my other goal was a button down tie top with a polka dot fabric. Yeah I cut everything. Just haven't sewn it yet. I decided to crank out some refashions to get myself caught up for March (which we are- the only way I can keep up with this blog with my work schedule). So I put this to the backburner.

So what about March?
So my March sewing plans will be to finish this dress (and not grind my teeth with frustration...)

This tie top I just talked about.. You know before I loose all the pieces I just cut (true story..)

And I would like to do a quick knit project. I love knit fabrics as for me they are just a dream to sew. It is a vogue pattern with gathered sides. Drool. I am using the last of the houndstooth fabric

Cheers! And I tell myself I can do it!!

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