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Saturday, March 29, 2014

So another animal print nightie...

I was in the mood for some quick sewing redemption. After that indian skirt refashion to the butterick dress. The vogue button down top I am making (which is frustrating but I am almost done). I wanted some quick sewing redemption. I had in my stash I got from the lady was a small piece of snake skin thin knit, that seriously made me go- why? how? what is this doing in this batch. What in the world would I make with this? Oh the questions.
I simply sewed the sorter side together, then did the armholes. Sew the arm holes. Sew the top down. Hem the bottom. Yeah it was really fast and quick. Got some leftover cream ribbon in my stash. Weave through. Done. Ahh.
Yeah for another easy project. I mean seriously what else would I use this fabric for? Plus it is soooo thin. It will be perfect for summer.


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