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Friday, September 27, 2013

Linen Restoration Part 3: Restoring things with color

I have many things that are embroidered by my grandmother. All of which had horrible stains.

These all came out with out compromising any of the colors. Yay!

One stain out of all the stains I had did not come out. I threw it back into the  next batch.

Pretty white right? It was really obvious when I put it up to ones which had not been treated yet. The difference is night and day.

This one I was nervous b/c it had a lot of stains and holes.

Basically everything worked well. But one tablecloth which then wound up with more color then when I started.

So all in all I am happy with what all turned out. Everything got lighter and stains removed. All but one! Not bad! And look how great things look with them on my table. I love this tablecloth.



Phyllis @Around the House said...

They turned out so beautiful, I think I missed what you used to restore and clean them with...they are beautiful and look so much nicer...if you store them in acid free tissue in the drawers and not plastic my mom says they won't turn yellow...I am sure you already know that...Loved the post and I am a new follower..Phyllis

La La Lauren!!! said...

Yes Phyllis I used a product called Restore. This is one of 3 posts. I didn't think about acid free tissue. I will definitely add that to storing them. :) Thank you for following!



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