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Monday, February 17, 2014

Black Pintuck Blouse fix, refashion #12

Happy Presidents day everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day off. Today is this nice black blouse I found that had sort pin tucks down the front of the shirt. It was a nice material. Though I realized it was a petite so I needed to make it work.

First issue was we had shoulder pads. Sigh. Pulled those puppies out. Next I got rid of the collar. I finished it with bias tape. Then I folded back the top of the neck (you can see the loop at my neck- can't button it!). Simply I just tacked it down to the lining portion of the top.
I also fixed the buttons at the time, which were white!! They are hidden by the design of the top. But they all almost all fell off just looking at them!! I thought I was done but.... me and my monkey arms did not realize that the petite length cuffs, which were supposed to close on my wrist, actually close mid forearm. Yeah. No! So I removed the cuff. Cut some off. Created a casing and added elastic. Done

You have seen the top with my jeans refashion so no big surprise here.

Nice and easy Vneck blouse. I'm pretty happy!

Cheers! (12 down 87 left!)

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