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Friday, February 21, 2014

GF Quinoa chicken vegetable soup

I was just messing around one cold Saturday and decided I would try my take on a chicken noodle soup. Some of the noodles I can eat, others I can't. I really miss a good soup on these cold days. I love hearty soups too.

So winged it. Grabbed 2 bags of frozen vegetables- the soup medley. Which have onions, celery, etc. Grabbed 2 boxes of the low sodium chicken broth. I threw in a cup of quinoa. Cook on high/ med heat to get them to start cooking. I also threw in some fresh ground pepper.

At the very end, I added fresh avocado to the mix, all nicely cut up. I had also cooked a chicken in the oven so I threw the chicken in there. OMG it was delicious!

The quinoa definitely plumped up and at the end it was almost like a stew. I did't care b/c it was so filling and tasty! Boyfriend also ate it up! We made it again (b/c again it is just so cold) and it was gone pretty fast. Super easy as it only took about 35 minutes total cook time! Yeah! And made a lot!! Not bad for making it up!


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