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Friday, February 28, 2014

Lettuce wrap GF "sandwich"

I have been messing around with some lettuce wraps. Today I just actually tried something different. I tried cabbage. I am trying out new options for gluten free "sandwich-like options". Today I am actually trying out cabbage with ground beef! So I simply cooked some ground beef.

Then cleaned up some cabbage. Added my ground beef (sans grease, but with seasoning.) with some cheese. Attempted to wrap it up. And lo and behold I have a sandwich! Actually pretty easy. I actually liked the way cabbage tasted. Plus it was super big!

Not bad, I would do again!


1 comment:

T. Sedai said...

I have tried lettuce wraps, but the lettuce always gets soggy on me - cabbage might be a better option. WIll have to try this soon!


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