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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

blue jeans no more- a jean refashion

I wanted to play around with dyeing jeans so when I stumbled on these jeans that cost next to nothing. I was happy. I was even happy that they still had the tags on them! Whoot!

As you can see they are big on me...

I attempted to bleach them but nothing happened. Didn't get any whiter whatsoever. So I said forget it. And I just threw it in a dye bath to see what was going to happen. If I got purple pants then so be it. I used RIT cherry red.

Holy moly! They came out red! I did not expect that whatsoever. But I seriously LOVE the color. And after several washes in HOT water they did shrink a smidge. I decided after sewing those leather shorts I could sew denim. Not afraid. I am going to take the leap and take them in, these will be a great addition to my cold wardrobe!

I took it in on the inside and outside of the legs. The inseam was a bit of a challenge. Then I took the waistband off from the sides. Cut and sewed back together to fit be right.

Done! Nice new fit!! I LOVE this color!

Got to love it with boots!

My new nice waistband!

Actually there is a sneak peek to the next refashion! I fixed this black top!

Let's recap... Too big light blue pants, to cherry jeans too big jeans, to just right cherry red jeans.

Cheers, 11 down 88 left!!!


Magda said...

I love that color! Quick refashions are such a satisfection, aren't they?!

Lovenicky said...

Lovely colour! You have inspired me to do some colour dying too!


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