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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Book Review: Day The red wool coat, refashion 13

I mean sometimes you can not beat when things fall into place.... I found this red wool coat

OMG remember this company? Spiegel they were everywhere, way back when. 

And in the book I wanted to do this refashion which had a red wool coat... but things did work out. So I did it my way.

After realizing the coat had side gaps, which are worth NOTHING during the winter with wind. I needed to cut them off. Which meant I had to remove the pockets... OMG it was so dirty and gross.

I removed the lining to then tailor in the jacket. Both sides. 

Time to remake the pockets. Old ones were too big. And you also put your hands in via the top. I hate those kind of pockets. I wanted side pockets. I free handed what I wanted to do. I used my hand as a guide. 
I used red bias tape to finish the sides of the pockets. This wool was way to hard to try and get it to fold over. Big problem. So I used bias tape. Which look orange in pictures! I put then in the right place, pin, and sew-leaving the side open for my hands. I also used the bias tape for the bottom of the coat too. Then it might be hard to tell but I also took the top button off and placed it in the middle of the jacket. The buttons were really far apart. It is actually not functional. You can't tell, I added it in the right spot. ;) 

Done. Well sort of.... I tried to add the bias to the collar, I did. But it was too much.It overwhelmed the jacket. But I did go back and forth about adding it. I did add bias tape to the sleeves, to pull it together. 

Recap: Much less bulky! And I love the pockets. 

I still go back and forth about the bias tape but in all actually, I do like the new coat. Monday I'll show you my next refashion I did with the leftover wool. OMG they are precious! :)



SewCraftyChemist said...

Nice save! Very cute coat.

I remember getting the Spiegel catalogs! LOL!!!

Lovenicky said...

Great job! I actually like the new coat much better. What happened to Spiegel anyways?

Brenda said...

Love your coat. Heading to goodwill today to see what I can find. Its .99 day.

Lovely Light said...

Wow. I think you did a really nice job.


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