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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Black ruffle shirt fix! Refashion #15

I actually purchased this shirt b/c well I love ruffles but there is a band at the bottom that wound up causing the top to poof....
Also as soon as I put it on the button fell off. Yet again another item I have purchased from Tulle just isn't up to par. The other was the flowered shirt. I digress.. I need to fix this top!

Basically what I did was remove the band from the button but left the button holes. I undid the pleats and redid them. Essentially now they are sort of moved and a little towards the back and sides. Now I don't look pregnant.

Never again will I buy clothing from the store Tulle. I have had so many issues with ill-fitting clothing or things just falling apart as soon as I put the clothing on. Even though I got them on clearance, not worth the money.

84 left to go!

(btw does anyone know where February went?!!)

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