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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bellydance DVD Review: Zoe Jakes and Issam Drum Solo Choreography

Yeah another DVD done! Again to say warm, even with the heat on here - it is so cold!!
Ah, Zoe Jakes, a phenomenal dancer, many of our girl crushes. I finally decided to do this DVD. This is a tribal drum solo DVD with Issam, a phenomenal drummer. Now I will say this, there is no music you can buy for this choreography (unless correct me if I am wrong) so unless you have a drummer, performing may be a bit of a challenge.

The introduction is absolutely hilarious. Zoe introduces the DVD because you know, "she's seen you all over Youtube". Then there is a warm up with a voice over. My only critique of the warmup is she didn't do both sides on some of the moves. Then Issam introduces how he speaks about the drum beats.

Next, there are 8 sections where she breaks down the choreography with the different rhythm for that particular section. It was good b/c it helps me understand as a dancer the beats I need to accent. Then all sections are the total choreography, which she just makes me crack up. It is always good to laugh while someone really makes your head hurt.

So the critique of the DVD. These sections really need more drilling. Like a solid run through of each part. At times it is just like she just explains the choreo straight through. A review at the end would be really helpful in learning it. Also I got really confused with the direction and what side I was supposed to use. I really wish she would have just stayed facing the mirror and talked while she danced. I got soooo confused.

This is definitely a keeper. Recommend for the intermediate and advanced dancers. If I can master this DVD choreography, it would be awesome. Zoe Jakes has the knack for making my dance brain hurt.


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Sonja Sheffield said...

If you can make the 'Godzilla move' look anything other than ridiculous, let me know. I'm firmly convinced that only Zoe can do it and not look stupid. Though, maybe it's just me that looks stupid doing it :)


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